Sifu Zhao Yun

Board Member

Sifu Zhao Yun (赵云) has practiced martial arts for 30 years and is focused on five styles in four systems. Since late 80s, Yun has trained under Master Su Zifang (苏自芳) of Yunnan, on Xingyi Quan, Bagua Zhang, and Taiji Quan. In 1998, Yun started learning of Chen style Taiji Quan with Master Lei Man Iam (李文钦) of Macau. In 2008, Yun began study of Baji Quan, Pigua Zhang, and Bagua Zhang with Master Jason Tsou (邹家骧) of Taiwan. In 2013, Yun began study of Tongbei Quan and Pigua Zhang with Master Wang Zhihai (王志海) of Cangzhou. Sifu Zhao Yun lives in Los Angeles and has established a center to serve local martial arts enthusiasts and to provide the general public authentic training for all-around fitness and health preservation. His group actively participates in local events and volunteers in tournaments. He teaches at multiple locations in Southern California and works with local community centers and schools. Sifu Zhao Yun travels biannually to Asia conducting seminars, attending conferences and participating tournaments in an effort to build bridge and forge friendship between east and west. Visiting schools and interviewing masters overseas has also expanded his horizon and deepened his knowledge of Marital Arts.