Sifu Ron Quan

Vice President of Membership & Recruitment

Sifu Ron Quan is a Board Member and Vice President of Membership & Recruitment for the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation. Ron Quan’s role as TCMAF’s VP, Membership and Recruitment as well as the producer of the annual Tempt One Championships/ALS Fundraiser has given him much enjoyment and satisfaction. “Meeting, recruiting, and beginning friendships with some 250 instructors, coaches, sifus, and students has been both an honor and a pleasure as we join together to both celebrate our traditional arts and fundraise for ALS patients. Now with the introduction of TCMAF, we can have more events to serve and benefit all of our traditional Chinese martial art community and bring all schools closer together in friendship and mutual respect.” Ron’s background in event production began in 1972 with the “First Southern California Kung-fu Exhibition” held at LA City College and two follow-up exhibitions held at CSULA and the Scottish Rite Auditorium titled the “Masters of Hong Kong.” Masters performing in these events included Sek Khin (Mr. Han Of Enter the Dragon fame), Jimmy H. Woo (San Sau), Chan Pui (Wah Lum Mantis), Raymond Wong (My Jhong Law Horn and Tai-ji Mantis), Bow Sim Mark (action star, Donny Yen’s mom and famous Tai-ji master), Hung Ga Masters YC Wong and John Leong, Choi-li-fut masters Lee Kung Hung, Dino Salveterra, Kitty Mar, Jenny Yuk Chen, and Frank Primicias, and Northern Shaolin masters Kam Yuen and Johnny So. Punching heavy bags, speedbags, jumping rope, and jogging began Ron’s 3 year American boxing training in Los Angeles’ former Main Street Gym under trainor Bill Slayton. This 6 days-a-week spartan-type training alone, “ says, Ron, “changed my life and taught me how to continue moving forward even when faced with adversity or life’s challenges. His kicking “fun” came from his 2 years training with Sambunim Jung Bai Lee with Fying Eagle Korean Hapkido. His South China Lion-dance training came from Sifus Lau, Wei and Lau, Sep, both from the Los Angeles Lung Kong Family Clan Lion-dance Team, and finally, his North China Northern Shaolin and Mi-Tzung LoHan training are credited to Sifus Kam Yuen and Raymond Wong. Ron explains that while the concepts of each can be quite different from each other, he uses the metaphor that each sits mentally on a bookshelf and when he wants, he easily reaches up for any one of them, adjust his body accordingly, and practice each with personal satisfaction. One of Ron’s biggest joys was to spend the last 40 years instructing several generations of Chinatown youth through a non-profit program called the East Wind Foundation for Youth. He served both as co-founder and director. Their lion and dragon dance performances have entertained in several parades, multi-cultural festivals, weddings, and grand openings. Go East Wind , Go Tempt One, and Go TCMAF !!