Sifu Henry Chi Yung Chung

Honorary Member

Master Henry Chung comes from a long line of Chinese martial artists. His father, Ho Yin Chung, was Grandmaster of Seven Star Praying Mantis and was a top disciple of the Great Grandmaster Wong Hon Fun ("The Mantis King"). In the early sixties, Grandmaster Ho Yin Chung was also learning Eagle Claw Kung Fu from Great Grandmaster Lau Fat Man. Si Fu Henry Chung began his training in Northern Style Praying Mantis Kung Fu at the age of four under his father. Besides mastering Mantis Kung Fu, Si Fu Chung also learned Wu Style Tai Chi, Qi Gung and Eagle Claw Kung Fu from his father. Si Fu Chung began teaching for his father at the Catholic Community Center when he was seventeen years old. He also taught Mantis Kung Fu at his father's martial arts school in Hong Kong. In 1979, Si Fu Henry Chung left Hong Kong to attend university in Nova Scotia, Canada. This is when he began his teaching of Kung Fu in North America. In 1983 Si Fu Chung continued teaching Praying Mantis Kung Fu in Vermont while attending graduate school. Over the last thirty years, Si Fu Chung has been promoting traditional Chinese Martial Arts by teaching Kung Fu full time at his school in Midland, Michigan and hosting national and international tournaments. In the year 2000 Si Fu Chung participated in an international martial arts tournament championship in Tsing Tao, a city in the Shan Dong province of China. Three of his students competed bringing home two gold medals and one silver medal. Over the last two decades Si Fu Chung's students have won numerous champion awards in both national and international tournaments. Besides teaching Kung Fu full-time at his school in Midland Michigan, he is also a practicing psychotherapist and has his own acupuncture practice. Sifu Chung also trains his children in the Seven Star system, continuing the long tradition of the Chung family of martial artists.