Sifu Ed Torres

Vice President of Finance

Sifu Ed Torres is Vice President of Finance and Board Member for the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation. The Legacy of Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong and the Traditional Five Family / Five Animals style lives on through the teaching of Sifu Ed Torres. The experience he gained as a student and assistant instructor under Grandmaster Wong at the Wong Ark Yuey Kung Fu Academy of Los Angeles enabled him to carry on the authentic teaching of the Five Family Style. Sifu Torres is the last closing student and was privileged to serve as pallbearer of the late Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong. After Sifu Torres was one of a few senior students that completed the secondary advance hand and weapon forms from senior kung fu brother, Master Seming Ma (grandson to GM Ark Wong) and he went on to study Lion Dancing from Grandmaster Jeff Chan. Sifu Torres has over forty years of martial arts experience, including Chinese herbal medicine and therapeutic massage from Grandmaster Wong and hand-to-hand combat training with the U.S. Armed Forces. Sifu Torres has taught privately for over twenty five years before deciding to go public and opened the Five Family Kung Fu Academy and Martial Arts Supply in the City of Monterey Park, California.