Combat Shuai-Chiao Seminar

CLSB Kung Fu Club presents
2nd Combat Shuai Chiao Seminar by Master James Lin

Place: Room KIN 150A CSULB

Fee: $120 per person (early registration before Sept 30, 2019 costs $100 only)

Contact: Howard Lin ( or call 909-900-6876)


Combat Shuai Chiao is an Ancient Chinese Martial Art with thousands of years of history. It is an art integrating all aspects of combat allowing strikes, locks, and heavy emphasis on take downs, grappling, and throws. Over time, the art evolved with different grappling styles coming from Beijing, Tian Jin, Baoding, Shanxi, and Mongolia. Known for its footwork and aggressiveness, the practical application and variety of tactics of the Combat Shuai Chiao has been well recognized and adopted by Military and Special Police Force.

Master James Lin studied Combat Shuai Chiao under his father, Grandmaster David Lin for decades. Leading among the Combat Shuai Chiao practitioners, he has experience in various competitions and martial arts instructions of people with different backgrounds. He has taught public/private adult classes and seminars in Southern California and Atlanta Georgia as well as experience teaching youth classes in Atlanta Georgia.

Event Date November 17, 2019
Event Start Time 9:00 am
Event End Time 1:00 pm